The Drone Gold Rush is Here.

In the mad dash for a piece of the billion dollar drone industry nugget, it’s every drone pilot for himself. But that doesn’t mean you should go it alone. By joining Dronemeisters, you become a part of a community of recognized UAV experts who are creating buzz and staying ahead of the curve. It’s an incredible opportunity to grow your drone business. Add our dynamic SEO strategy and 30 years of marketing experience, and you can see why Dronemeisters is on its way to becoming the gold standard for anything and everything drones.

We Do the Marketing, You Do the Flying.

Here’s a test. Name one drone directory off the top of your head. Bet you can’t. Well, clients won’t forget Dronemeisters. It’s an indelible, catchy name that says drones and communicates mastery and skill. In other words, it sticks. But maintaining top-of-mind awareness in the drone industry takes more than just a cool URL. With our integrated marketing strategy that includes Google ads and a robust social media campaign, your aerial business will be flying high (under 400 ft., that is). in no time.

Drone Wizards Wanted.

Dronemeisters was created to connect aerial clients with the best drone photographers and cinematographers in the industry. We separate the wheat from the chaff, the amateurs from the pros. Are you an experienced drone pilot? Does your aerial work speak for itself? Do you put safety before everything else? Then we’d love to showcase your aerial business on Dronemeisters.


At least two years of flying experience • A professional attitude • A recent aerial reel on your website, YouTube or Vimeo • A pre-flight plan for every project • A clean safety record • A Fly-Safe philosophy


What does it cost to join?

From our FREE Dronemeister Basic Plan to our full-featured Dronemeister Pro II Plan, our subscription plans are a small investment that can yield big returns. As a Featured Dronemeister Pro II Pilot, your drone photography listing will be showcased on our Home Page, offering you the best exposure possible.

Why don't you take commissions like some other sites?

Our goal is to make the working relationship between drone pilots and clients as simple and straightforward as possible. So rather than take a cut, all negotiations and payments are between drone operators and their clients.

Do I need flying experience?

Yes you do. We’re looking for pilots with several years of flying experience and have a reel to prove it. We ask to see a sample of your work, whether it’s on YouTube, Vimeo or the like. Finally, we’re focused on pilots who have a clean safety record and follow a preflight safety check before every flight.

What about liability insurance?
Having liability insurance will protect you and others should something go wrong. Having protection will also give you greater confidence while flying. So while we don’t require liability insurance, we HIGHLY recommend it. We also HIGHLY recommend Hill & Usher Insurance at 866-977-4725.
How can I get free Wizard T-Shirt & other swag?
Sign up for our DRONEMEISTER PRO II plan and we’ll send you a free Dronemeisters Wizard long-sleeved t-shirt. Wearing a memorable Dronemeisters apparel is a great way to promote your aerial business, regardless of where you live. We’ll also have hats, lanyards, Java Jug coffee mugs and more in our Dronemeisters Store very soon. Check it out!
What do I have to lose?

YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TO GAIN! Signing up with Dronemeisters is a no-brainer. You’ll reap the rewards of our robust SEO practices and aggressive social media efforts. And you’ll be aligning yourself with the best drone photographers and cinematographers in the business. There’s no better way to grow your drone photography business.