What are the benefits of aerial photography?

Are you on the fence about hiring an aerial photographer or videographer? Take this into consideration: customers love to have a connection to the property they’re considering. Providing aerial photography and video lets them see how their drive out of the neighborhood might be like, or how far the kids have to walk to the bus stop. It also establishes a visual reference for the size and boundaries of the property.

246595_376096962445063_993545979_nAerial media can also increase the desirability of your product – it gives a very upscale feel to even the quaintest dwelling. Would you rather have a professionally shot and edited aerial photo, or one taken with your cell phone while standing next to the mailbox? As the saying goes, “don’t sell the steak – sell the sizzle!” Set your listing apart from all the others!

Dronemeisters is a network comprised of dependable, talented drone operators that can provide high-quality aerial photography and videography for your next listing. We strive for excellence! Our goal is to make aerial photography accessible to everyone. All you have to do is make a job post on our site, and a drone operator will get in touch with you to set up the gig! It’s easy, it’s accessible!

So post your job on Dronemeisters today!

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    I think the article makes a good point about how it says that drone photography can help increase the desirability of your product. The picture in the article looks like it was shot from a drone and gives an excellent view of a house and yard that could attract potential buyers. I’ve also heard you can use drones for land surveying too. Is that true?

    1. Dronemeisters Admin
      Dronemeisters Admin

      Thank you for your kinds words, John!

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    Kylie Dotts

    I like how you said that you can get an upscale feeling even if it is a small building or property by using aerial photography. There’s something majestic being able to see a home from the air and what it looks like from above. At least personally it would really help me be able to visualize what the property is like and get ideas of what could be done there.

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    Ashley Turns

    Thanks for pointing out that by using aerial photography for selling real estate you’ll be able to show potential buyers what it may look like for them to get to their house or possible for them to drive to the nearest grocery store. My husband and I have been trying to sell our house for a couple of months and we’ve decided to get creative. So we’ll definitely be looking into using aerial photography so that buyers will really be able to see how big the house and yard are.

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    Earnest Watkins

    I like how you point out that aerial photography can be helpful for real estate since it can help set a listing apart from others by giving a complete view of a property. I’m looking at selling my home soon, and I want it sold as soon as possible. Do you think listing my home with aerial photos of my home and property could help it sell quicker?

    1. Dronemeisters Admin
      Dronemeisters Admin

      Thank you! We pride ourselves on delivering remarkable aerial cinematography. We’d be happy to help you out on your next project.